Head office : “Palakey Building”, Chhindwara Road, Koradi -441111

(0712) 2612034/35

HOURS: 6 AM -4 PM PST M - TH; 6 AM - 3 PST FRI


Strength: As a value drive company, we have respected certain standards since our origin. These are the source of our thoughts, our enthusiasm and our sincerity.


Momentum: Thinking prompt and moving quickly are essential for a company that wants to stay ahead and truly remain relevant through changes and economic cycles. Our prompt decision making has been one of the key elements behind our growth and will continue to remain so.


Scale: Only immense thoughts have the power to make big changes. Since our origin we have crafted our vision on immense canvas and then brought it to life through careful implementation. A grand vision is the core of success.


Excellence: The most well conceived ideas remains incomplete without meticulous execution. A detailed plan is the roadmap to success. We seek perfection in everything we do, whether it is in the quality of our products or the detailing our projects. Our attention to detail and striving for perfection has been one of the key factors behind our success.


Service: Stellar service has always been our strong point. We strive to be responsive to customer needs and demands, because our success lies in theirs. Continuing our tradition of excellent service is an essential value to take into the future.


Sensitivity: Without real social relevance, growth has no meaning. We understand our responsibility towards the environment and society. Despite our relative youth we have already put an active community outreach and service programmed in place. All our plants conform to the latest environmental regulations. We will always strive to give society and the environment their due share.

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